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Fit Seal LogoThe Fitseal™ respirator is the first and only adhesion filtering facepiece respirator approved by NIOSH* under 42 CFR part 84, Read More

What Are Negative Ions?
An ion is atom or molecule that has gained or lost an electron. Read More.

The Benefits of Ionized Air.
There are essentially five major things that Pentex ionization can do for you. Read More

How It Works.
The PENTEX Air Purification System creates its own airflow by emitting trillions of negative ions in a spiral pattern around the heavy duty, permanent emitter.
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The Pentex Advantage.
The most advanced, most powerful, ionizer available today. Read More

Negative Health Consequences of Ozone Generators by the EPA.
The public is advised to use proven methods of controlling indoor air pollution. Read More

Pentex is proud to announce two proven products shown
to greatly reduce the risk of flu or viral infection.

Fit Seal BioGuard 1000

The BioGuard1000 is our powerful mini air purifier that keeps your breathing space free of pollutants and toxins. We also offer the new and innovative FitSeal adhesive facepiece.
The first and only facepiece respirator appoved by NIOSH!

Wherever flu & virus protection is needed, using the FitSeal N99 Respiratory Mask
or the BioGuard 1000 offers the best protection against inhaling bioaerosol hazards
such as the N1H1 virus, allergens and pollutants.

BioGuard Model
BioGuard Protection
chkAll types of Toxic Air Particles.
chkMany types of Bacteria & Viruses

Pentex Air Purifiers Have Been Tested and Featured on Many TV Broadcasts.
Watch These Videos to See What Oprah, Dateline/Good Housekeeping Reports
and other news broadcasts have to say about the Pentex Air Purification System.

GoodHousekeeping Report Featured On Oprah NBC News Report Got Cat Allergies?
Good Houskeeping
Oprah NBC News Report Got Cat Allerigies?
You Gotta See This!

Hear all of the answers to your questions!
Recorded from one of our live radio broadcasts.

Pentex ionizers are not sold in stores, they are only available
through Radio, TV and Our Web Site.

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